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When precise level measurement is critical, L&J engineering is the clear choice. As an industry leader in level gauging solutions for over 35 years, L&J engineering’s product offering continually evolves to meet changing bulk storage needs.

With products utilizing the most advanced features on the market, L&J engineering is committed to providing cost-effective, highly precise and innovative level gauging solutions. Whether your application is best served by non contact radar, servo or float & tape gauges, L&J engineering offers the widest variety of application specific level gauging solutions on the market.

Designed, tested and manufactured in the USA, L&J engineering supplies only the highest quality, most reliable and durable products. Our basic premise is to offer user-friendly products that will get the most accurate data to plant managers that will directly translate into greater profits and more efficiently run facilities.

At L&J engineering, we understand that every application is unique and that each application requires distinct solutions. That’s why we provide interfaces and integration into more systems than any other company.

Whatever your storage needs may be, L&J engineering has the solution. L&J engineering is continually evolving at every level.

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