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Industrial processes have grown in complexity over the years, and the need to maintain processing quality means there is an essential need for fully reliable testing and analysis techniques.

Cobra Sampling was established to address this need, and we have made it our business to ensure our range of closed loop gas and liquid samplers not only meet industry expectations, but surpass them.

Located in Houston, Texas, Cobra Sampling, Inc. is dedicated to developing the most effective and most efficient gas and liquid samplers available. Working closely with our customers,  whether national, international or locally-based in Texas, sampling is made simpler and safer through designs that ensure emissions-free sampling that protects the operator as well as the environment.

Our sampler design and manufacturing companies are amongst the best in the world, and Cobra Sampling, Inc. has quickly established itself as one of the leading lights in the field. Our reputation is based on consistency in reliability and flexibility in design, ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied every time and  can have 100% confidence in their Cobra-designed gas or liquid sampler.


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