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Avoid Explosions, Fires and Exposures: Use These

American Maintenance Systems Tools are constructed of SS316L. Special constructed tools for Cokers, FCC, HF Alky. Larger Indestructible Drill Bits – For faster lock out tag out.  You simply cannot do it safer of faster.  Visit

L and J Level Alarm Probe

  L and J Engineering Industry’s Only True Complete Self-Testing Level Alarm Probe Meets State Fire Codes for Independent Alarms Reliable Protection Due to Simplified Mechanics Optional Remote Self-Testing Multiplexing or Independent Wiring MCG1090 Hi Level Self Checking Alarm Probe Brochure

NoShok Solutions

  NoShok Solutions Download the NoShok Valve Solutions Flyer Here

Nivelco Level Meter

  Nivelco Ultrasonic Level Transmitters Nivelco Ultrasonic Level Transmitters 2- or 4-wire compact transmitter Non-contact level metering Narrow 5° beam angle Excellent signal processing via QUEST+ software Temperature compensated Secondary lightning protection 32 point linearisation PP, PVDF, PTFE, stainless steel or foam faced transducers Plug-in display module Plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housing HART communication…

Sentry Coolers

  Sentry Coolers The Sentry TSR sample cooler/heat exchanger cools a sample from a process stream. It may seem simple, but it is a uniquely designed small tube and shell heat exchanger. The sample to be cooled flows through the tube side of the cooler, and the cooling fluid flows through the shell side. The…

Brooks Instrument MT3809 now with Foundation Fieldbus Transmitter

Brooks Instrument Adds FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus   Transmitter to Its MT3809 Series Variable Area Flow Meters The Brooks Instrument MT3809 metal tube variable area flow meter is now available with an optional FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter. The addition of the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter makes it easier to integrate the popular MT3809 with automation control systems across the plant enterprise….

Thermal Mass Flow Products and Applications

Thermal Mass Flow Switch Applications Pump Protection Analytical Sample Confirmation Safety Shower Monitoring Heat Transfer Fluid Monitoring Rotating Equipment Lubrication Safety Relief Valve Monitor Exhaust/Air Purge Monitor Dry Line Indication Gas Booster Flow Monitor Chemical Injection Monitor Cooling Water Flow Monitor Dual Flow Rate Controller Fire Suppression System Monitor Flow Confirmation Monitor Soot Blower Feed…

Cobra Sampling Systems

Industry Leading Cobra Sampling Systems Sampling systems offer you the confidence and piece of mind that comes from process verification and quality analysis.  Let Control Plus help you maintain optimal performance from your process by providing the industry’s leading sampling systems designed to meet your needs. Obtain clean and accurate samples Meet EPA requirements Ensure…

L and J Engineering Radar Gauges

L & J Engineering Radar Level Gauges evo 2600 radar level gauge   The evo 2600 Radar Gauge is the latest product in L&J Engineering’s new evolution series of radar level gauges which are leading the industry with innovative new features and benefits not found in other products. The evo 2600 uses L&J’s latest and…

Inexpensive Clamp On Flow Meter

Micronics U1000 Clamp On Flow Meter No down time, No Plumber, Installs in minutes. 0.75″-4″ Pipe for $1040!   The U1000 is an inexpensive clamp on ultrasonic flow meter.  This is an inexpensive solution for measuring flow rate.  Outputs include volume pulse output or pulse and 4-20mA  output ($1215).  This inexpensive ultrasonic clamp on flow meter meter…