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Inexpensive Clamp On Flow Meter

Posted on: March 8th, 2018

Micronics U1000 Clamp On Flow Meter

No down time, No Plumber, Installs in minutes.

0.75″-4″ Pipe for $1040!


The U1000 is an inexpensive clamp on ultrasonic flow meter.  This is an inexpensive solution for measuring flow rate.  Outputs include volume pulse output or pulse and 4-20mA  output ($1215).  This inexpensive ultrasonic clamp on flow meter meter can be used as a standalone meter or as an integral part of an a M&T or BEM’s system.

Simple to install: Just clamp on to the pipe requiring flow data, connect power (12-24 V AC/DC or add our stepdown transformer for 110V use ($38)) and enter the pipe inner diameter.  That’s it!  No specialist skills or tools required!

The cost effective alternative to traditional in-line meter installation.  Save money with dry servicing, installing with minimum or no downtime and maximum availability!  Compact, rugged, inexpensive, and reliable, the U1000 ultrasonic clamp on flow meter has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments.